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Institut Esthederm has designed its suncare offer around 4 different skin types and 4 levels of sun intensity: 4 DIFFERENT SKIN TYPES. Tolerant skin tans quickly, is generally sallow and rarely gets sunburned. Sensitive but tolerant skin burns faster than it tans. Pale or milky skin reddens quickly, like that of young children. . Intolerant skin has an abnormal reaction to sun exposure, causing redness, a burning sensation and discomfort. . Sun-deficient skin has been weakened by medication or hormonal treatments, or that of pregnant women or women with scars or dark spots. Discover the Esthederm product that suits your needs - suncream, sun oil, self-tanner, etc...

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Since 1978, the Institut Esthederm has harmonised the art of living with sun and beauty care through its exceptional suncare products. Institut Esthederm's products with exquisite textures and compelling fragrances provide high-tech suncare solutions with unique results.