Jean-Noël Thorel,
an Avant-Garde Founder

French biological pharmacist and cell specialist, Jean-Noël Thorel, is behind many investigations into skin bio-ecology; he is the founder of the Institut Esthederm, Bioderma and Etat Pur brands.

Since the 1970s this researcher, who is passionate about the sun, has imagined a different approach to sun protection, contrary to commonly accepted notions. Based on tanning optimization and natural skin protection, it is resolutely set against sun-induced aging.

The Esthederm sun care products are unanimously accepted by women’s media. The source of this success: different solar ideas, which declare that all skin-types are entitled to the sun.

Aging, intolerance, dark spots are sun-related problems which gave birth to the now-venerated products, such as Bronz Repair, Adaptasun, Sun Ultimate, Photo Regul.

Next, Jean-Noël Thorel took the step into patents and technologies that would sustain the effectiveness of each face care, body care and sun care range, laying the foundations for the Esthederm philosophy: biology at the service of aesthetics.

Institut Esthederm Research: 40 Years of Innovation

Esthederm has become a brand that helps women to continuously fight the signs and symptoms of skin aging.

Thanks to our advanced expertise in cellular resources, we have developed a unique approach to youth that protects the health and beauty of the skin.

In a bid to provide the most innovative cosmetic solutions for the treatment of skin aging, Institut Esthederm has focused its research on major areas such as hydration, dermal stimulation, sun protection and hyperpigmentation.

Our researchers have developed expertise and methodologies in each of these areas of interest in order to gain a better understanding of the physiology of healthy skin and its environmental adaptation mechanisms.

They identify the most original synergies and provide solutions with optimum results in the fight against aging.

The Cellular Water (mimetic of tissue fluid), Repair (dermal repair), UV inCellium (filter and screen-free intracellular protection) and Time Control System (anti-oxidizing) patents are some of the most advanced solutions in the range designed to fight aging.

A pioneer of research into skin flora and its ecosystem, microbiome, he developed a professional cleansing method, Osmoclean, which has been endorsed by many beauty therapists. The results yielded by the company’s treatments, developed in partnership with experts in osteopathy and physiotherapy, have won the hearts of even the most demanding women.